About the IDRG

The Interdisciplinary Digital Research Group is an initiative begun in early 2020 within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Dublin City University. The purpose of the initiative is to develop a collaborative space for inquiry and applied research that is dedicated to openness in terms of disciplinary perspective, theory, and methodology, and that is committed to critical and grounded approaches to understanding the human world of the present, past, and future. Within this space, the Group aims to build a forward-looking network of researchers, practitioners, and students with the hope to integrate complementary research strands, to build pathways towards hybridised, cooperative research across fields and disciplines, and to develop training and support for such work.

Aims of the IDRG

  • To develop collaborative interdisciplinary spaces for social inquiry and applied research that value disciplinary variety, while staying committed to critical and grounded approaches to understanding the human world
  • To build pathways towards mutually reinforcing programmes of research across fields and disciplines
  • To develop practical training and support for interdisciplinary social science and humanities
  • To grow a network of researchers, practitioners, and students who support these aims

IDRG WORKSHOP 01 - 21/22 February 2020, DCU

WORKSHOP 01 2020 | Hybrid Research Design & Practice for Social Science and Humanities

(Friday & Saturday) 21&22 February 2020
DCU Glasnevin Campus, Dublin

The workshop addressed how to study the human world in a manner that brings together insights and techniques from across fields and disciplines in order to broaden our perspectives and to deepen our understandings. With various speakers and participatpry events over two days, we wanted to ask how can we develop such hybrid research? That is, how can seemingly disparate conceptions of knowledge—such as interpretivism and positivism—nevertheless support and complement each other? Similarly, how can traditional and novel approaches to research be blended within and across disciplines? The overall aim of this initial workshop was to provide a space in which researchers of various backgrounds and training work together to develop shared strategies for collaborative and complementary work.

The event opened with a keynote address by Eugenia Siapera, Head of the School of Information and Communication Studies at University College Dublin, followed by two interactive panel discussions addressing the design and the practice of hybrid research.

The workshop itself was built around a structured, team-based scenario exercise in which participants develop and explore alternative pathways for engaging with a hypothetical hybrid research programme.

The event also included optional sessions for networking, as well as a social gathering the evening of the opening day.

We are planning more events like this. If you are interested in participating in future workshops, please join the IDRG list below.

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